Learn STEM by exploring the world

The only platform that provides access to the power of satellites at the click of a button.

Dynamic and individualized

Teachers can assign homework, see the evolution and performance of their students with effective metrics... or even create their own content!

Impactful technology

MapiBlocks goes beyond transferring traditional content to a screen. We use the latest technology with a single goal: to enhance the learning process.

STEM learning

Students learn math, sciences, technology and programming on the same platform while experimenting and playing games, solving challenges and earning rewards.

Connecting to reality

Satellites relate the learned concepts to the real world. Learning programming by moving a character around the screen? No, we prefer to learn by coding like a NASA engineer.

What do they think?

Mónica Quero

Teacher (Residencia Escolar Andalucía)

"The experience with MapiBlocks has been very positive, we have noticed an increase in the motivation of the students. I am convinced of the potential of gamification and digital tools in education".

Aitor Blasco

Head of New Technologies (CPEIP Teresa Bertrán de Lis)

"Being able to observe their own environment is something that inspires children and this tool unlocks their full potential. It also makes tasks such as programming very intuitive and fun."

Mª Teresa Castilla​

Researcher in didactics and school organisation (University of Malaga).

"The platform is the result of extensive research. A platform that dignifies the concept of digitalisation, without a doubt".

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